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Residential Custom Design Fees (builder sets)

bulletOne story designs $1.00 per square foot A/C space. (a)
bulletTwo story designs $1.10 per square foot A/C space. (a)

(a)   Includes the following drawings:

  1. Site Plan (no grading) (1"=10'-0" or 1"=20'-0")
  2. Floor plan/s(1/4"=1'-0")
  3. Front(1/4"=1'-0"), back(1/8"=1'-0"), left side(1/8"=1'-0") and right side elevations(1/8"=1'-0")
  4. Electrical and lighting locations(1/4"=1'-0")
  5. Cabinet Elevations (no details) (scale varies)
  6. Two cross sections(1/8"=1'-0")
  7. Foundation plan (No engineering seals)(1/8"=1'-0")
  8. Roof framing plan (No engineering seals)(1/8"=1'-0")
  9. Second floor framing plan (No engineering seals)(1/8"=1'-0")
  10. Door and window schedule (scale varies)
  11. Typical detail sheet (scale varies)
  12. IECC typical detail sheet (scale varies)

Contact our office for Fees to provide complete Architectural drawings with complete architectural details, mechanical plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, grading plans and complete specification.

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