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CAD & Drafting       



CAD, Computers Aided Design

bulletWe can set up your CAD layering and drawing systems and guide lines
bulletWe can set up AIA Layer system
bulletWe can set up CSI Drawing format
bulletWe can perform all drafting needs using Computers Aided Drafting.

Drafting Capability

bulletShop Drawing Drafting
bulletArchitectural Drafting
bulletCivil Drafting*
bulletStructural Drafting*
bulletBuilding Electrical Drafting*
bulletPlumbing Drafting*
bulletBuilding Mechanical Drafting*

*We are not an engineering firm, we can only do these drawings under the direct supervision of a licensed professional Engineer.

Blueprinting, Binding and Copying

bulletWe can copy your tracing in blue line prints.
bulletWe can Bind 11 inch wide copy material.
bulletWe can laminate 11 inch wide material.
bulletWe can copy 11 inch wide material.

CAD Plotting

bulletWe can plot in black and white, color or half tone.
bulletWe can plot 36 inch wide material.
bulletWe can plot on Mylar, translucent bond, opaque bond, and vellum.